End of project reflections

Reflection on Big Act performance

Overall feedback from parents was positive.

Overall feedback from rest of team was positive.

Main achievements:

-kids rarely needed prompting

-dances and lyrics were remembered

-kids were excited

-kids were proud of themselves

-no major dramas or kids upset

-no health and safety risks


-back stage area too small for comfortable/doable costume and props changes

-plastic bags containing costume and props too loud

-kids too excited backstage, unable to focus/listen

-I could not hear what was happening on stage well enough to be a reliable prompt

-I could not see the stage at all

If I were to do this project/musical again, I would make sure all members of team stuck to their assigned deadlines for creating music/blocking.

The process would have been much less stressful had there been the opportunity to run the play more times before the final show. Changes were made too close to the show, kids were unsettles. Some props were not ready until day of show; first time using was during the show.

Reflection on Unlearning

Focusing on the long-table discussions.

Overall the long table discussions ran smoothly, the first day ‘On Learning’, proving to be more fruitful than the second, ‘On Failure’. The main reason for this was the interruption/ input from a particular individual and his son towards the end of the discussion. The disruption occurred due to the violent nature of the vocal tone and the attitude of this individual. As a result of this disposition, it was apparent many of those around the table did not feel comfortable speaking, and the discussion collapsed.

To avoid this kind of situation happening in the future, a few rules could be implemented:

-perhaps the guidelines of long table discussions could be displayed for everyone to read

-only those present at the start of the discussion, to hear the provocations, rules and be present for all points made are allowed to contribute/ be allowed in the long table room.


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