I’m With you Workshops

Cover image from https://imwithyou.me/

Day 1 notes

Group collective of artists and producers
Johanna lynsdley, Christa holka, season butler, Justin hunt

Create opportunities for artistic research
Organise events which present or approach performance
Domestic thread
Queerness in domesticity
Relationship of private and public

Ongoing investigation into the future and how we think about it
Conventional models from thinking about future aren’t working, e.g. Polls, weather patterns, economic forecasts
Anxieties and possibilities produced by these

Queer gestures-
Barbican conservatory
Conversation between live vent and use group made up of performance artists, writers and photographer

Christa- photographer

Almost always to do with performance
Started taking pictures at parties
In magazines, on blogs. Became an archive of the time

Before party pictures, ba photography, narrative series
Performed as drag queen

Hired as party photographer for private and corporate parties
Party portraits

Duckie, gay shame party/performance

Photographer for performance art, live art, portraits for artists, events, exhibitions, installations, symposiums, film stills, behind the scenes, fashion, ALL ART STUFF

Capturing encounters
Identify how your event constitutes a forecast event, it’s location, artists you would like to include and how you would go about approaching them, into strategy and budget, marketing strategy, documentation, and any other outcomes.

Divide a speculative I’m with you forecast event
Make a proposal for a project that fits within the umbrella of forecast
Methods for thinking of future

How does proposal fall under umbrella
Artists you would like to include
How approach them
Pitch to bring artists
Logistical things e.g. Funding strategy, budget, marketing strategy
Devise performance that would sit in the event

My part of the homework

The concept is a bit like a murder mystery or escape game.

the audience is immersed in a story and travels around a location, following the journey/narrative/ story of characters

the participants have keypads with abc

sporadically there are pauses in the narrative where the participants are given choices regarding the outcome of events or decisions of the characters/story

for every correct prediction they audience is reimbursed some of their ticket fee

advertising in timeout, on escape game websites, murder mystery websites, ‘experience’ package sites like wowcher and groupon

Day 2 notes 


Started working together because were living together
First things at home
Haywood gallery
Rivington place

Format didn’t change
Still same kinds of performances, text based, duration etc
Just more tech/space etc
Everything that could have happened in last 24 hours

I could have started my dissertation
I could have broken up with my boyfriend
I could have done a cam sex show
I could have applied for 24 jobs
I could have killed someone
Someone could have killed me
Donald trump could have been assassinated
The Houses of Parliament could have been blown up
Aliens could have landed on earth
There could have been a mass genocide
There could have been a stock market crash
There could have been an earthquake
White House blown up
Terror attack
Money burnt
Money made
Disease cured
World record broken
Read entire Harry Potter series
Everyone dead
No babies born
Internet could be broken


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