Lewis Church Workshop

Cover image from http://lewischurch.blogspot.co.uk/

Queen Mary teacher
Live performance, film and for camera versions of live performance
Installations which combine music and sound

Solo Live art pieces 2010-2012 tours
Errant night, altered states

Ziggurat 2013- gallery piece

Interested in collaboration

Especially now in PhD
Academic, blogs, newspapers, magazines
On film music and performance

Now interested in crossover between research and curation

Care about performance and the communities that built around it
Making and facilitating good art
Sustainability and longevity for artists

Paying the bills through- Stage manager, usher, technician, front of house, production manager
Well learned, varied, lots of disciplines
Hard to track/archive work of someone who wrote one book did one film did three shows etc

activity 1
create 1 minute task to be completed /performed
what did you see when watching everyones. consider what you saw and heard in reality ather than what you thought things might mean. easy to put meanings onto things. be aware as creator showing work you dont have opportunity to explain everything, does it say what you want it to say? EVERYTHING MEANS SOMETHING, EVERYTHING IS SUBJECTIVE.

activity 2, automatic writing


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