Practice Presentation Feedback

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-Things to consider

–solutions/ suggestions

-the watching aspect (some might feel self conscious or embarrassed when going in partners or small groups during exercises as the others in the class will naturally stand and watch)

–suggested way to solve the problem was to have those waiting their turn to complete the exercise look at the wall or out the window, however I feel that perhaps a more holistic solution would be to try to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and can complete exercises without feeling ‘judged’.

I had begun doing this during the presentation/lesson by encouraging applause

-where I teach does not exist to train professional dancers; Laine Theatre Arts is 10 minute walk away, classes are split by age rather than ability, many of the children are simply there to have fun and get out of the house on Saturday morning and see friends. BUT some do want to learn technique and parents want to see improvement and recognisable skills.

Cater to dancers and non-dancers in one lesson, how?

–Layer the exercises

eg start by just walking across the floor (something everyone can do), slowly increase difficulty

-Allow for individuality/creativity as well as discipline

–be strict about certain things eg hair tied up, listening, no bitchiness or mocking but allow expression eg improvisation, ‘own versions’, divising.

-What is the aim of the class?

–have fun, increase confidence and creativity, learn skills, express yourself

-the atmosphere of the class was generally good, the way I hold the space

–it is an exchange between ‘teacher’ and ‘student’, what are you giving them/they giving you

Look at Jerome Bel, Chisenhale Dance Space, Jamilla Johnson Small.




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