Bojana Janković workshop 1-11-16

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Performance maker and writer
Part of There There
6 1/2 years
Performance for studios, public spaces, outdoor spaces
Performances installations interventions
Immigration imprint national identities
Focus on research

Performed in live art and theatre context and visual art spaces
E.g. Rich mix , museum of London, spill festival

Practice has 2 parts
Making stuff
Audience development
Research stands above both

Construction of Eastern European identity
What it means
But both same white women from same Ma in same city
So experiences of immigration are quite similar
Want to include others’ experiences
Aware of personal bubbles
Make choice to read right wing things e.g. Daily mail. Theorists you don’t agree with
Searching for all opinions

Expected response is empathy
Rarely response is critical engagement in the subject
More interested in this critical engagement than enjoining empathy

Academic research can be quite narrow
Research can help collaborators understand viewpoints e.g. A new sound designer
Different languages

Audience research
Audience development
Safety in your expected demographic
Although they have ability to call you out

Warwick uni audiences of art LOOK UP DANCEY STUFF
Realised most of audience was white British 22-35
Wanted more immigrant audience
Have to work for it
‘Marketing’ has to change to reach different audience (immigrants, British interested in immigration)

No info or help on audience development and finding out how to outreach to a certain group or demographic
There There have now created an audience development model

When you approach research recognise you have a bubble
Think about search terms in google
Think of plurality of opinions, opposition
Consider your personal experiences and their influence and limitations
-who is funding it
-what are the questions
-how old is it
-government funding does not mean impartiality
-sample size
-what is presented as fact. Lies? Opinions? Generalisations?
-scrutinise sources you deem reliable or reputable
-‘liberal’ people might not have liberal views on everything
-impartial (e.g. BBC) is not impartial. I.e. Can show both sides of brexit opinion but can choose what type of people they want to show or language they want to use. Built and constructed image.


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